Horizons Natural Woven Shades
By B&W Window Fashions

Horizons Natural Woven Shade patterns are crafted from renewable resources like bamboo, sustainable wood, grasses and reeds and are available in 160 of the most beautiful and unique weaves. In fact, bamboo is possibly the most renewable resource in the world. When it's cut, bamboo begins a new cycle of growth immediately, without any need for replanting. These shades are obviously the natural choice for an eco-friendly product. From start to finish, Horizons Natural Woven Shades are hand-crafted in a workroom filled with people instead of a lot of heavy machinery or automation.

Horizons Natural Woven Shades come in two styles—the Classic Roman shade, the Hobbled Roman shade. The Classic Roman shade is simple and elegant and lies flat when lowered. The Hobbled Roman shade keeps its elegant Roman folds when lowered. A 6" Classic Valance is attached to the front of Horizons Natural Woven shades and hides the hardware. Valance returns are a no-charge option on all shades with valances.

Pulley controls and cord locks are standard features on Horizons Natural Woven Shades. However, other options are Upright Controls, B&W's convenient continuous clutch control or you can choose B&W's Cordless One Controls, a patent pending lift system which eliminates pull cords.

Shade options include lining, Privacy or Blackout, available on all shades. In addition, Natural Woven Shades may be enhanced with a 2" wide fabric strip fused to the edges and/or bottoms of the shade and valance. Also offered is inset edge accents banding, inset from the edge 2". Contempo Scallops are available in 6 standard patterns for the bottom of the shade and/or valance. Decorative Trimmings (fringes, gimps, beads and tassels) are available as beautiful accents across the bottom of the shade and/or valance. Customer's own trimmings are accepted as well.

If you're looking for an alternative to vertical blinds for your patio door or as a room divider, then the Averte' Natural Fold is the answer. Made from the same patterns as the Natural Woven Shades, the Averte' has no draw cords to tangle or break. Standard features include a sturdy, light-weight aluminum track, 5% fullness and color coordinated wood lead rails. Among the options are Privacy or Blackout lining, valances, decorative knobs (a no-charge option) or a decorative wood pole track.

Another alternative to vertical blinds is the Natural Woven 'Elance Sliding Panels. B&W has combined the refreshing new look of a panel track with warm natural woven materials. It comes standard with smooth gliding color coordinated draw cord controls and 2" minimum panel overlap. Wand operation is a no-charge option. Valances and top treatments are also available.